Persian Music Scene at the court of Shah Tahmasb Safavi
16th century music & dancing scene. Isfahan
Musicians are called "motreb" Dancers are "raghaas" in Farsi

At this site I have presented some of the Persian Music that I have come across on the Net which I have liked. There is also an Audio Clip from Bahar Kooch. You need RealAudio for this which you can download for free on the link povided.

I have found one site which is a good source for Persian MIDI files, one of which should be playing for you here, it takes a while to download as it is a large Midi file You can download more Midi music at the Iranian Music & MIDI Web by clicking on the link below.. ( )

Most of the contemporary Iranian musical talents are now living outside Iran with the majority in the USA. The recent so called POP Iranian Music unlike the Classical is full of vitality and upbeat.

Here is an example from Bahar Kooch titled Rosvaie-eshgh (Love Scandal)

Love Scandal
By Bahar Kooch

Lovely Paryer for Peace

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