Bas-relief Sydney, Bicentennial Park: Done by Lewis Batros
Other side of the relief at bicentennial Park, Lewis Batros
Original Bas-relief at Pasargade: This is the Orgirinal relief from the Achaemenid Period
The Rights of Nations Cylnder, at the British museum and the UN, New York
Full text of Cyrus' declaration, translation from cuneiform
Cyrus the Great: Brief tribute
The Achaemenid Robe: Description of Cyrus' Robe on the relief
Persian Army Robes: depicting the persian army colours and at Issus, 333 BC
Tribal Dance: showing Tribal colours at Fars
Pasargade: Site of Cyrus' tomb, grudge me not this little earth..
Cyrus' Palace: Plan of his palace at pasargade
Persian Garden: smell the roses here
Alexander at Cyrus' tomb
Darius 1: Bas-relief from Persepolis
Achamaenid achievements: Achaemenid map, Suez cannal, postal system
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